Filling Out the Array 3D Data Structure

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The <Array_3D> class is the generic base class that underlies all the other <Array_3D_* > classes. Use it when one of the more specialized classes is not appropriate and you don't need access to any software developed specifically for them.

For an Array_3D, follow the instructions for Filling Out the Array_2D Data Structure, with the following additional constraints/requirements:

  • Use <Array_3D> and </Array_3D> rather than <Array_2D> and </Array_2D>
  • <axes> must have a value of 3, rather than 2.
  • There must be three <Axis_Array> classes, rather than two.
  • You should include a <Display_Settings> class from the Display Discipline Dictionary in your Discipline_Area to define the correct way to display at least whatever constitutes a "plane" in your structure. If you are submitting data to the SBN and you believe this does not apply to your data, please contact your SBN consultant ASAP for an argument. See Filling Out the Display Dictionary Classes for additional information.