Filling Out the Array 3D Spectrum Data Structure

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The <Array_3D_Spectrum> class is a specialization of the <Array_3D> generic class. Use it if your 3D array should be considered as a series of Array_2D_Spectrum objects.

For an Array_3D_Spectrum, follow the instructions for Filling Out the Array_3D Data Structure, with the following additional constraints/requirements:

  • Use <Array_3D_Spectrum> and </Array_3D_Spectrum> rather than <Array_3D> and </Array_3D>
  • Include a <Display_Settings> class from the Display Discipline Dictionary to define the correct way to orient and display the planes of the cube. Also, consider using a Color_Display_Settings class from the same dictionary if it makes sense to, for use in generating preview or thumbnail images of your spectral cube. See Filling Out the Display Dictionary Classes for more information.
  • You absolutely must include a <Spectral_Characteristics> class from the Spectral Discipline Dictionary to describe things like binning and the location of the spectral axis or axes in your data. See Filling Out the Spectral Dictionary Classes for more information.