Filling Out the Bundle Class

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The <Bundle> class contains only two attributes - a type and a description field.

For additional explanation, see the PDS4 Standards Reference, or contact your PDS node consultant.

Following are the attributes you'll find in the Bundle class, in label order.

Note that in the PDS4 master schema, all classes have capitalized names; attributes never do.



This must be one of these two standard values:

  • Archive
  • Supplemental

Use the Supplemental value if your bundle doesn't contain any observational data at all. So, for example, a bundle comprising all the documentation produced by a mission may have many document collections, but no data collections. Such a bundle would have a <bundle_type> of Supplemental.



This attribute contains free-form text. Use it to include any explanatory comments you'd care to make about the bundle and its contents, but note that the description displayed to users in search interfaces is the one in the <Citation_Information> class, not this one, and any detailed information about the bundle content and organization should be in the file described indicated by the <File_Area_Text> class. That doesn't usually leave a lot to be said here.