Filling Out the Collection Class

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The <Collection> class contains a single attribute to define the type of the collection, based on the primary content of the collection, and a descriptive field.

For additional explanation, see the PDS4 Standards Reference, or context your PDS node consultant.

Note that in the PDS4 master schema, all classes have capitalized names; attributes never do.



This attribute, which may only occur once, must have one of these standard values listed on the Standard Values Quick Reference page.

Products should be collected according to their product type - documents in one collection, observational data in another, browse products in a third, and so on. If you have a collection that you feel strongly should contain multiple product types, talk to your PDS node consultant first.



This is a place for additional free-format comments about the collection. Note, however, that the description that will be displayed to users in search interfaces will be the required <description> located in the <Citation_Information> class (in the Identification_Area), and not this description.