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NASA Committee for Planetary Science with Astrophysics Assets Committee Members:

  • James (Gerbs) Bauer (Co-Chair; UMD)
  • Stefanie Milam (Co-Chair; GSFC)
  • Cristina Thomas (NAU)
  • Gordon Bjoraker (GSFC)
  • Leigh Fletcher (University of Leicester)
  • Carrie Nugent (IPAC)
  • Walt Harris (University of Arizona)
  • Andy Rivkin (APL, JHU)
  • Christine Hartzell (University of Maryland)
  • Scott Wolk (CfA, Harvard)
  • Paul Hartog(MPI - SSRG)
  • Sean Carey (IPAC)
  • Doris Daou (NASA HQ)

Goal: to compile a uniform set of basic capabilities and needs to maximize the yield of Solar System science with future Astrophysics missions while allowing those missions to achieve their Astrophysics priorities.

Small Bodies Assessment Group (Jan 16, 2018)