Protoyping Dictionaries and Repositories

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The prototyping exercises have been over for a few years now, and the mock-up repositories deleted. You can see the last protoype repository, using the version of the PDS4 schemas, here:

The prototyping exercises made use of pre-release PDS schemas and mock-ups of discipline and mission dictionaries. They resulted in mini-repositories, containing representative data labels and all the additional archive support we expect to have in our public, online archive repository.


These mock-ups are listed below, most recent first (the version numbers are not monotonically increasing).

  • (a.k.a. "3b") - Development Release
You can find local and mission dictionary schemas in the Schemas subdirectory tree.
This is formatted more like a transfer package, with schemas in a schema collection under the bundles.


Only mock-ups of local and mission dictionaries have been created so far, and those did not use any procedures provided by PDS. The most recent versions can be found in the Schema/ subdirectory tree of the 3b respository, above. You can also find older and intermediate versions of these dictionaries at, should you want to compare notes on them.

The SBN Discipline Dictionary page was intended to provide a place for scientists to write definitions for the SBN discipline dictionary attributes, but that has not, as yet, happened.


We also have a Tracking page used early on that seems to have been ignored and/or abandoned. Eventually I'll get around to deleting it.