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Welcome to the SBN DOI Wiki. This part of our wiki site is dedicated to information about Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) as they are created for and used with SBN and PDS archival data products.

General Information and References

This page details the fields in the DataCite metadata schema, which is the template used by SBN to collect DOI metadata. This page is specifically aimed at SBN applications, so if you want to know the right answers for submitting metadata to SBN for a DOI, this is the place to go. If you're looking for authoritative information on the DataCite Metadata Schema itself, you should look here:
SBN will generally be keeping pace with changes to the DataCite metadata schema as they are published. Check with SBN if you're worried about version changes.
This page presents what we're trying to do and why.
Looking for the "What do I have to do?" page? Here it is.


Here are XML templates for collecting DOI metadata to pass to SBN, based on the DataCite Metadata Schema: