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This wiki supports the various activities of the SBN (Small Bodies Node) and its subnodes. The Small Bodies Node includes:

Only logged-in users can create and edit articles. Note that anything you put in this wiki is visible not only to named users, but to the world at large, including search engine crawlers. So don't go nuts. Feel free to edit pretty much anything, including and especially tutorial pages if you have a better way of doing something, or can add details on how things work in alternate architectures. Please use the associated "Discussion" page, accessible via the tab in the upper left of every article page, for meta-comments, non-urgent questions or suggestions, and similarly informal data exchange. Urgent questions should be sent through the usual email channels to someone who's likely to know the answer, though. Remember, this is a reference collection - not a blog.

The wiki itself is a MediaWiki installation. The Help about MediaWiki link in the left menu bar will take you to the general MediaWiki Help document collection, which includes information on how to use the editor, Wiki markup, and so on. Contact me (Anne Raugh) to request a login account, to request changes to the wiki installation itself, and for other support issues.

Unless otherwise noted, the content of the SBN Wiki is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

For information needed to cite a page in this wiki, while viewing the page click the Cite This Page link in the left menu.