Creating a Collection

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Collections are the primary means for organizing related PDS4 products. (Collections are themselves organized into bundles.) The member rpoducts of a collection have IDs based on the collection ID.

What Goes Into a Collection?

Typically, all the products in a collection will be of the same basic type (observational, document, etc.). Observational collections will also usually contain products all from the same instrument, mission phase, observational target, and/or calibration level. Data preparers may opt use criteria like review cycle or publishing deadline to assign collection membership in order to facilitate bookkeeping their data deliveries.

Organizing the Data

PDS makes no requirement on physical organization of the data, although data preparers will need to agree on an organization for data transfer to their consulting PDS node. (A typical organization is described in section 2B of the PDS4 Standards Reference.)

For collections with a very small (<~6) number of products, everything can go into a single directory. For larger collections, any reasonable directory hierarchy can be used; in which case the collection product itself - the inventory file and the label - will be located in the root directory of that hierarchy.


Describing the Collection

Compiling the Inventory Table