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The Small Bodies Node (SBN) of the Planetary Data System (PDS) is pleased to announce that it will be holding a hands-on workshop in the new PDS4 data standard and archive development at the 2013 DPS meeting in Denver, CO.:

Getting Acquainted with the PDS4 Standards in Time for Comet ISON

Date: Wednesday, 9 October
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Location: Governor's Square 17
Observations of Comet ISON destined to be archived in the PDS will be coming in under the brand-new PDS4 data standards. In this workshop we will provide a brief intro to the new standards, and then provide sample files and real-time help getting you set up to work with XML, schemas, and the new PDS standards. PDS personnel will be on hand to answer questions and guide you through the process of creating basic labels for the most common data types. Bring your laptops and a thumbdrive. Sample data of your own is welcome!

Thanks to all who attended the workshop!

Here are the presentations shown at the workshop:

And here is a zip file containing the complete worked example that we started at the workshop:

Not only have I completed the two labels, but I've also added some mock-ups of the context objects referenced, the collection and bundle labels for the containing collections and bundle, and some documentation files which are referenced in labels and context products. I've included "AAReadMe.txt" files (which are not part of what you would see in a PDS4 archive) to explain what's in each directory.

Note: I made a mistake in creating the collection.tab files in the first version of this zip file. This has been corrected, and you'll see that the collections now have an incremented version_id and a note in their modification histories explaining what I did.

You should be able to download this file, unzip it, and import the entire directory tree into an XML schema-aware editor like Eclipse or oXygen and play with the validation to see what works and what breaks it. I've included the schema set used as well, with relative references in the XML labels that should work in this directory tree.

Remember, the home page for all official PDS4 documentation and schema releases is here:


You should always start here with the latest released versions when you're creating labels for a new collection.

Hope to see you soon in a data review!

Anne Raugh
PDS Small Bodies Node
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-2421