DPS 2017 iPoster (LDDTool) Support Files

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At the 49th Division of Planetary Sciences meeting (DPS 2017) in Provo, Utah, I and my co-author Steve Hughes (JPL) presented an iPoster on the PDS4 local data dictionary tool known as "LDDTool". Here's a link to the iPoster that should work for at least a few months after the meeting:

PDS4 LDDTool - Let's Make a Data Dictionary!

That presentation contains a small worked example with code snippets to illustrate various parts of the process. Here are the full files - a working set - that I used to create the presentation.

  • File:IHWddExample.zip - A ZIP file containing the source documents and some additional released schema files to complete the setup, for those who want to bring this all up in a validating editor and play with it. Please see the enclosed README.txt file for a list of the specific files included and why.
  • PDS LDDTool Download Page - This is a link to the specific version of LDDTool used to build the example schemas in the previous collection. Because LDDTool builds extensions to the core, there is a new version of LDDTool released for each new release of the core IM - twice a year.

Any questions, feel free to contact Anne Raugh (araugh) at the Small Bodies Node at the University of Maryland (umd.edu).