Filling Out the Array 2D Image Data Structure

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The <Array_2D_Image> is a specialization of the Array_2D class. Use it for data that is primarily intended for visual display, or for analysis by image processing tool.

For an Array_2D_Image, follow the instructions for Filling Out the Array_2D Data Structure, with the following additional constraints/requirements:

  • Use <Array_2D_Image> and </Array_2D_Image> rather than <Array_2D> and </Array_2D>
  • After all the applicable Array_2D classes, you must include a Display_Class, below.



This class indicates how the stored data should be drawn on a display device once it has been read into program memory.



This attribute must have one of the values Up or Down, indicating that line should be drawn bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom, respectively.



This attribute must have the value Right, indicating that each individual image line must be drawn from left to right.