Filling Out the Array 2D Image Data Structure

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The <Array_2D_Image> is a specialization of the Array_2D class. Use it for data that is primarily intended for visual display, or for analysis by image processing tools.

For an Array_2D_Image, follow the instructions for Filling Out the Array_2D Data Structure, with the following additional constraints/requirements:

  • Use <Array_2D_Image> and </Array_2D_Image> rather than <Array_2D> and </Array_2D>
  • In the <Axis_Array> classes, one must have an <axis_name> of Line, and the other must have an <axis_name> of Sample
  • After all the Array_2D classes, you include a Display_2D_Image class, below.
Note: This <Display_2D_Image> class is optional in the schema, but required for any data coming in through SBN. This class will almost certainly be removed from future versions of the schema and replaced by a class from a discipline dictionary still being designed. This will be a non-backwards compatible change. Consequently, if you're writing labels with Array_2D_Image classes now, you should expect to have to modify them when the new schemas come out (most likely late in 2013).



This class indicates how the stored data should be drawn on a display device once it has been read into program memory. SBN requires that all image data define a display orientation.



This attribute must have one of the values Up or Down, indicating that line should be drawn bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom, respectively.



This attribute must have the value Right, indicating that each individual image line must be drawn from left to right.