Filling Out the Reference List Classes

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The '<Reference_List> class provides a list of internal (i.e., to other PDS4 products) and external citations relevant to the product. The internal references in this class provide the primary method for making associations like:

  • Raw data to calibrated data
  • Calibrated data to the calibration observation(s) used
  • Data to documentation on calibration or observing conditions
  • and so on.

The <Reference_List> class is itself optional. When it is included, all internal references (if any) are listed first; external references (if any) are listed second. You may include as many of each type of reference as you like.

For additional explanation, see the PDS4 Standard Reference, or contact your PDS node consultant.

Following are the attributes and subclasses you'll find in <Reference_List>, in label order.

Note that in the PDS4 master schema, all classes have capitalized names; attributes never do.



This class provides a direct reference to the logical identifier of another product somewhere in the PDS4 registry. A specific version can be referenced, if appropriate.

The <Internal_Reference> format is the same wherever it appears.

<lid_reference> or <lidvid_reference>


Either a logical ID (LID) reference or a LID reference with an additional version ID (VID) must be provided (but not both). If <lid_reference> is used, the value must match the <logical_identifier> value of some other PDS4 product in the registry (this will be checked when the product is officially registered). Similarly, when a <lidvid_reference> is used, the value has the format logical_identifier::version_identifier, and there must be a product with the given <logical_identifier> and <version_identifier> values.