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The pointers below have been updated to point to the current release, whatever that might be. Check version numbers for compatibility if there is any doubt.

Where to find Defining Documents

The ultimate source of definitions for the PDS4 system is in the Information Model. You can find the latest released version here:

You can find just about everything related to the schema structures and requirements in this document, but it is not easy to read or use. Mainly it is intended for programmers, who need to know every possible variation in order to write general-application software.
This document covers things like how to create logical identifiers, what file formats are acceptable for non-observational data, and detailed descriptions of hardware data formats.
  • The Released Schemas page : This page provides links to both the PDS4 master schema and Schematron files, but also the configured discipline dictionaries. These are used to create and validate labels.
The PDS4 Data Dictionary provides another way to see label structures, and also includes the context-dependent standard value lists for PDS namespace attributes.

Additional Useful Documents

If you're looking for a very high-level introduction to PDS4 archiving concepts, try this document.
Originally put together to support PDS3 to PDS4 migration, it covers a variety of generally useful topics, and you can request additional topics by contacting the SBN.