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(I think "meteor shower counts" is preferred over "meteor(oid) stream counts", since a meteoroid stream doesn't necessarily produce a meteor shower. "meteor counts" would also be appropriate.)
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| meteoritics
| meteoritics
| Meteor streams counts, meteorite studies
| Meteor shower counts, meteorite studies
| physical properties
| physical properties

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Here are the facets I've proposed for the "small bodies" discipline list, with definitions:

Facet1 Value Meaning
astrometry Astrometric observations and results
dust studies Dust measurements related to a primary body or phenomenon
dynamic properties Orbital parameters, proper elements, etc.
historic references Discovery circumstances, reference collections
lightcurves Light intensity variation with time
Subfacet1 value Meaning
secular TBD
rotational TBD
occultation TBD
meteoritics Meteor shower counts, meteorite studies
physical properties Mass, density, albedo, etc.
production rates Quantification of mass loss from, e.g., the nucleus of a comet: molecule production rates, Afρ, etc.
shape models Shape models, terrain models, elevation models, etc.
taxonomy Physical and dynamical taxonomies of small bodies