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This site contains information about the PDS4 prototype migration effort to be conducted at the Small Bodies Node in the Fall of 2012/Winter of 2013. It will eventually contain both tracking information and potentially useful support information for PDS4 data developers inside and outside the SBN.


How to do things - questions and answers:

  • How-To - Quick tutorials on specific tasks or problems, including things like setting up editors and running validators, or understanding what you're typing into the PDS4 labels.
  • Questions - If you have questions about the mechanics of creating labels, using the XML tools, what you can and can't do in terms of structure, etc., this is the place. We'll try to answer them ASAP.
  • Templates - Here I'll post commented XML templates of SBN label archetypes. You can use these as starting points for making new labels, rather than starting from scratch and the PDS master schema.
  • PDS4 Product Labels, Step by Step - A detailed walk-through of core label classes for the major product types. Note: This is still in active development, but the only red links left are those for specific data structures, which should be taken care of in the next few days. If there's additional or different information that you want/need, now is still a good time to mention it.
Also note: The mauve-y boxes indicate significant problems that need to be addressed for Build 3b (the post-migration test build). You may assume I will file RFAs on these, so you don't need to take any additional action on these unless specifically requested by the note. Thanks!


The SBN dictionary (in development) and documentation being developed locally to fill holes in what's coming from EN.

  • SBN Discipline Dictionary Page - This is where we'll gather the information we'll need to create a small bodies discipline dictionary, as well as the mock-ups I'll put together by hand until there is a real data dictionary tool. (You'll need the mock-ups for validation work.)
  • Repository - This will take you to the Repository that we're actively building so you can access the files that have already been migrated (when there are some), as well as older repository versions for comparison. Note that this area will always be under construction! Things will change - see the AAREADME file for details. If you encounter unexpected problems with the files in here, please post them so we can fix/explain them. Thanks!
  • Standard Values Quick Reference - A compilation of the standard values used for common attributes in the core classes, with notes of particular relevance to SBN data preparers. The attributes are listed alphabetically, and standard value lists for different contexts (containing classes, that is) are listed under those, where applicable. The list doesn't include meanings for the values, largely because they are not yet available - publicly or privately.


Here's where we'll keep track of the various projects in progress at the node sites.

  • Tracking - The data sets to be migrated for this first major prototype migration, showing any progress and with notes on specific issues and problems encountered.

Workshop Support

Pages of quick links for those in workshops:

Please Note

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