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  • [[Category:External link templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
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  • It is possible to create an external searches of a topic using key words using a template. Allows to establish a link to a search query at the Google search engine:
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  • ...extensions and media files, there is no central repository for templates. Templates can be newly written or to save duplicating work already done, exported fro ...ecial:MyLanguage/Transclusion|transcluded]] (embedded) inside other pages. Templates follow a convention that the name is prefixed with "<code>Template:</code>"
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  • ...ook a lot like [[<tvar|help-templates>Special:MyLanguage/Help:Templates</>|templates]]. ...[<tvar|manual-subst>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:subst</>|subst:]], just like templates. Page-dependent magic words will affect or return data about the ''current'
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