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  • #REDIRECT[[Extension:Cite]]
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  • [[Help:Images|Images]] on a MediaWiki wiki will by default, link to the descriptio ...r external links from images are possible using the syntax documented at [[Help:Images]]
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  • For SBN users, the correct answer for all FITS headers (primary and extension) is "FITS 3.0".
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  • ...his structure, using both predefined XMP schemas and industry-specific XMP extension schemas. ...for identifying conforming files and supports custom metadata through XMP extension schemas. XMP support in PDF/A-1 is based on the XMP 2004 specification."<re
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  • ...tried so far for browsing through PDS4 labels is the "''XV - XML Viewer''" extension available for the Google Chrome browser. If you've come across a particula
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  • FITS '''BINTABLE''' extension data is structurally compliant with PDS4 binary table requirements. It is The '''IMAGE''' extension, as well as the primary data segment, contains an N-dimensional array. Any
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  • ...n the name for the new file. Note that all XML label files should have an extension of ".xml". ...which is "sbn". Unfortunately, ''eclipse'' doesn't give you any auto-fill help with the actual namespace name, so you'll have to type it carefully. I've
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  • the various names and IDs that are included optionally in this class to help link early mission data to its final SPICE kernels after the fact. ...(it is unlikely to be correct in the archive), but do include the correct extension.
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  • ...That is, specifying "''-Vh''" will display only version information, not help information. | -h<br>-help
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  • ** [ pdftex] – A TEX extension for direct creation of PDF * [ Authoring A
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  • The ''&lt;Document_File&gt;'' class is an extension of the ''&lt;File&gt;'' class. It contains all the attributes required or
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  • ...and is flat-out wrong in at least one key point. The information output as help text for ''lddtool'' is not much better. The information below was compiled ...error message identifying the missing option followed by a listing of the help text.
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  • ...schema association standard should use any relevant XML catalog entries to help resolve the <code>href</code> reference. You should keep that in mind when ...ld have to try to decipher the referenced file type by something like file extension or the initial content inside the file.
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  • Java 7 (1.7) and later includes a handy feature that will help with configuration later on, so if you're still running a (relatively) anci ...t whether you can successfully invoke the Java executable, try getting the help listing. This command:
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  • white paper draft progress and identify any areas where groups may want help. ...ide as expected, so we will ask the PEN and DPS newsletters to announce an extension for the survey input.<br/>
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  • are web-based and GUI-based tools in development at various places to help users who prefer to do dictionary development in an web/GUI environment - a ...purposes, that is). Java 1.7 and later include a handy feature that will help with configuration later on, so if you're still running a (relatively) anci
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  • string). Full first names are preferred for the metadata, in order to help identify authors unambiguously. (It is also relatively easy to turn a comp ...te that it has half a dozen attributes, only two of which are required, to help in defining the relationship. Standard values are defined in the DataCite
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